9 02 2010

Just to update –

I’ve been really busy processing pictures from the fashion shoot last week.  It’s been a crazy learning experience not just with the actual photo session but with post processing, as well.  I’ve been researching better methods to post process (PP).  I met a professional photographer during the shoot and we’ve been working together on processing nearly 100 images (which I think is a LOT for a TFCD session).  He’s been shooting for 17 years!  He introduced me to a software that helps make PP a bit easier.  When I got home I searched for reviews on the software and I stumbled upon another PP software.  It works like a charm and makes the whole process a bit easier.  This probably shaves off about 3-5 minutes per photo.

The fashion designer I worked with interned for Vera Wang.  He also knows the chief editor of Vogue magazine who happens to be best friends with Vera.  He showed the two photos I sent him to see if that is the type of processing he wanted for the photos.  The model agency that he is discussing the photos with liked the pictures and asked who the photographer was.  Obviously he said I took them but he suggested I make business cards – even cheap ones to start from Kinko’s since a mention of a name and website can easily be forgotten.  Since then I have been looking into business cards – what I should avoid doing, layout, pictures, font, everything.  I even read about a photographer who suggested that I read a book on color theory.  It talks about what colors work together and why (in regards to colors to choose for my business card).

Another thing I’ve been looking into is a website.  I found some reasonably priced customizable websites but I think I need to shoot more so I have better photos to place on the website.  Hopefully by this Summer!  So I wasn’t lying when I said it’s been hectic.  Post processing gets tedious pretty quick but when I need a break I find myself reading about the other aspects that I should know for the future.  I also read about photographer portfolios – how it should be laid out, it should tell a story, pictures should be grouped into categories and then transition into the next seamlessly.  It’s intense how much there is to learn about photography, as with anything else out there.

Side note, I ordered my first Alien Bees light!  If you’re not a photographer you are probably wondering what the hell an alien bee is, haha (feel free to click the link to see what it looks like).  It’s the company name.  They make flash units, light modifiers, etc.  They are quite cheap and a lot of people swear by them and their unparalled customer service.  It should be arriving tomorrow, after the snow storm.




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