Wedding reception

15 08 2010

I’ve met a lot of people who I’ve lost touch with during my time in the Navy.  I met a girl in Tokyo who I managed to exchange contact info with but, still, we barely kept in touch.  We added each other on Yahoo messenger and, between all the other instant messengers, I stuck to AIM and barely went on Yahoo.  One day I randomly logged in to Yahoo and I get a message from Emi.  She said she moved to NY and turns out she was living in the same neighborhood as me!  We met up and kept in touch and reminisced about Japan.

Three years later she told me she is getting married and wants me to shoot their wedding reception.   I was very nervous.  I’ve shot other events but nothing this big and this ‘cutthroat.’  It was also my first destination shoot, as well, outside of NYC.  I think I did alright but nothing beats having a second photographer for a large event.

As a friend, I was really happy for her.  I looked at some of the photos and I can’t imagine how emotional it must’ve been for Emi when her family was giving a speech led by her father (and translated by her good friend Minako).  Here are some of the photos from that event.




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