Short vacation

10 03 2010

I’m out of town until March 18th.  I have a shoot as soon as I get back so I hope to update this blog with shots from those.

After shooting the Candy Rock Couture fashion show, I assisted a photo shoot with Trey Songz!  It was my first celebrity shoot and first time assisting.  Also, I’ve never hauled as much equipment as I did for this shoot.  It was a great learning experience and I was able to network with some people in the industry.  

Here are a couple from my Chicago visit so far:

Gear update – I’ve moved from a Canon 450D to the 5D MK II!  Sold my beloved Canon 17-55 IS and bought a new Sigma 24-70 HSM to replace it with (since the 17-55 can’t be used on a full-frame camera like the 5D).  Traded my 85L 1.2 II for the 70-200 2.8 IS (for the fashion show) but I’m going to sell the 70-200 and get the 135L and the Sigma 50 1.4.  I will be sending in my Sigma 24-70 in for calibration while it’s still under warranty.

That’s all for now!  I will update with more photos from Chicago.


Late night updates

18 02 2010

I’m not gonna lie – I’m a little overwhelmed.  I’m trying to plan several shoots, running family errands, interviewing and trying to get my name out there by doing fashion shows.  I don’t know if it just takes getting used to or if I’m spreading myself too thin.  Anyway, I won’t say too much about those shoots, yet.  It’s really great, though.  “From concept to completion.”  I have to think of every photo shoot in that way.  I have to take a holistic approach instead of just focusing on very specific things.  With that said, I’m ready for Spring and Summer.  Also, I read from another photographer that when you’re not doing a photo shoot or processing pictures, you should be marketing.  I’ve been marketing and reading.

I have to mail out a CD containing all the images from the fashion shoot tomorrow.  I’ve waited to mail it out so I can include a few business cards that I hastily designed.  I’m not completely satisfied with them but it’s better than nothing for now.  It has my flickr website on it.  I gave a few to my hair stylist at Shape NYC.  I’m excited to work with her and her salon.  I ordered 250 business cards so hopefully I give most of them away by Summer time because I’m planning on having my own domain name by then (Summer or early Fall).  We’ll see.

I’ve got my eye on the Canon 5D Mk II.  It’s a beast of a camera and has been my dream camera for a while.  I’m trying to plan out how I’m going to finance this purchase…haha.  I’m planning to sell my current Camera which, by the way, has an exact shutter count of 7777.  How crazy is that?  There’s a program that counts how many times the camera’s shutter has clicked.  Used camera buyers usually ask for this number.  It’s like the camera’s mileage.  I bought mine when it had about 3500-4000 clicks.  Since February 2009, I’ve only shot about 3500 photos.  That’s pretty low for an entire year, I think.

More equipment talk…

16 02 2010

As you know from my previous post, I’ve gotten rid of my ultra-wide angle lens – Tokina 11-16mm 2.8.  I’ve also sold my Canon 85mm 1.8 lens to fund my purchase of the Canon 85mm 1.2 L II lens!  I have a 450D and not the camera shown but it shows the size of the lens relative to the camera body.  It’s a lot heavier and bulkier (that’s what she said) than the regular non-L version that I’ve sold.  You’re probably wondering what’s the difference between the size and weight so I’ll try to explain a little.  The fact that I’ve gone from a 1.8 to a 1.2 aperture lens means it’s ‘faster.’  It can open up more to allow more light in so it has better low light capability than my old one.  The image quality is slightly better.  The construction build is much better and is weather sealed.  One of the advantage my other lens had was a faster autofocus.

I’ve also bought my first studio light – Alien Bees B800!  The one I have is actually black – not orange.  This is definitely much stronger than my speedlites but obviously not as portable.  If I want to use this outdoors I’d have to buy a portable power solution like their Vagabond II’s.  I still have to buy 1-2 more of these…when I get the funds.

I’m still planning out future photo shoots and if you’d like to schedule one, let me know!

Selling one of my lenses – Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 $570

10 02 2010


I’ve decided to ditch my ultra wide angle lens because it was barely used.  I’d like to use that money towards a 135L 2.0 or the 35L 1.4.  I have already posted a sale post on craigslist but thought I’d post it up here too.

Here are some pictures of the lens (click for bigger version):

Here are some test shots with it (like I said, I barely used it; click for a bigger version):

Selling it for $570 locally.