Meet Sabrina

3 02 2010

I processed/reprocessed some photos of Sabrina from December 2009. ¬†Now I have an excuse to write one of these blog posts again ūüôā ¬†I used the Photek Softlighter II 60″ umbrella for these pictures. ¬†They were lit up with a Canon 580EX II and a 420EX bungee corded to the umbrella. ¬†In the future I will take pictures of my setup so that it will make sense to non-photogs.

One of the main challenges was the limited space. ¬†The room wasn’t too cramped – the umbrella was just insanely big (for me). ¬†Fortunately, she has modeling experience which helped me out a lot! ¬†She had a ton of poses and it made the shoot run a lot smoother.

On to the pictures…


Meet Adelyne

28 01 2010

The photo session with Adelyne actually took place in December.

A quick background:

  1. Outdoor portrait session
  2. Freezing weather
  3. Did not own larger light modifiers that I currently own now
  4. Did not have a prior meet with the model to discuss wardrobe, types of look I was trying to get
  5. Did not use the Canon 85mm 1.8 enough even though I had the space to work with (outdoors)
  6. Used the unflattering Canon 17-55mm lens instead
  7. Temperatures way below the freezing point
  8. Voice-activated, auto tilting, light stands (thank Joe and Angelo)
  9. Lack of posing knowledge

Lessons Learned

First, I have to meet up with the model before the shoot.  This will allow us to talk about the photo session from concept to completion.  The purpose of the meeting is make sure we are on the same page and to know what to expect during the photo session.  We would discuss wardrobe, what kind of shots we both want to walk away with after the session (it should be mutually benefiting, after all), locations and any other concerns (i.e. weather).

As much as I love to do an impromptu session, the results won’t be consistent and photographers have to deliver no matter what. ¬†If there is any way I can mitigate any negative outcomes then I will take the steps to do so.

At the time of this shoot, I have not read any books on how to pose subjects or paid special attention to smaller posing details – mainly the hands. ¬†Like I said in my previous post, I’ve started to read guides to model posing so I hope it pays off with the future shoots.

Overall, it was a fun shoot and I hope to session with her again when she comes back to visit NYC.