Out of Place

“Out of Place” is the theme I used for final project.  I took only one photography class and it was in my last semester as an undergraduate student in Binghamton University (Fall 2009) – Introduction to Digital Photography, taught by Benjamin Gerdes, a visiting artist.

Balloon: Taken in Binghamton, NY on Front Street, across the street from Otsiningo Park.  It doesn’t look like it but it was very windy at the time of this shoot.  Keeping the balloon in place was annoying but I’m glad I was able to take this shot before it flew to the other side and popped against the fence.

Veggie Chips:  Pop Chips Barbecue Flavor – try it.  It’s awesome.  It’s delicious.  I love it.  Maybe too much.  The irony is pretty straight-forward in this one.  This was my first time taking pictures of food in a carefully-lit environment.  I laid out white sheets  of 8.5 x 11 inch paper.  The surrounding walls were white.

Served:  The original plan was raw steak.  I drove to Wegman’s too late.  They packed their meat away for the night and I was left with this lean ground turkey meat.

Lines:  Thanks, Emiko.  She’s an amazing dancer and gymnast.  This picture is filled with linear lines and I thought she is out of place in her position of non-linearity (and the fact that she’s doing this in front of an abandoned warehouse and on a railroad).

Death Prescription:  In a way this is the opposite of “Veggie Chips.”  In this one you have a plastic prescription medicine bottle.  I would normally associate such a thing with “good” or “beneficial” because it’s supposed to cure you of illness or relieve you of pain.  Coming out of the bottle are cigarettes which are normally associated with mostly negative thoughts.  In “Veggie Chips” you have an inverse  of this – potato chip bag would be the “bad” and the vegetables would be the “good” or “beneficial.”  Again, the irony is straight forward. Carry on.

Green Power:  One of my first ideas when I thought of this theme.  This was shot within the Binghamton University campus (by the Hillside parking lot).  I tried to simulate dusk as best I can during high noon to bring out the kind of feeling I was aiming for in my vision.  I had very limited time for this shoot and I think it turned out alright.  Thanks Jessamae for letting me borrow your floor lamp.

Attention:  I made this as soon as I discovered what “cloning” was.  It seemed easy enough but I thought I could make something “out of place” with this one.  Enter me; Angelito Jusay, a good college student reading a book.  10 minutes later, I get bored and start reading a magazine.  5 mins pass and I get bored again.

Spoons:  It was the same routine every morning.  Wake up.  Brush my teeth, wash my face and eat breakfast.  I didn’t cook during my last semester and I usually ate a muffin or cereal.  This morning was cereal.  I pull out a plastic spoon from my plastic drawer under the bed and I get a chipped spoon.  *insert light bulb picture lighting up here*  Sure, I could have used a fork or even position one of the spoons in the opposite direction but stumbling upon this held more meaning for me – as little as it may be.

Legs Washer:  My friend Emiko’s not actually in the washer.  She’s flexible but not THAT flexible.  Don’t mind the filthy looking wash room.  It wasn’t my fault.  I swear.


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